User Info


A simple task like downloading users from the Google Admin console™ can include lots of clicks and steps. This Add-on allows you to download users right from Google Sheets™in just 2 clicks. You can download users with all information or you can download users with limited information only. Choice is yours !

This Add-on can perform actions such as :

  1. Listing users with limited information (First Name, Last Name, Email id etc.)

  2. Listing users with all information

  3. Listing Google Workspace License assignment for users

How to Install ?

Please follow below steps (One time Only)

  1. Go to and login with your corporate email id

  2. From menu above click on Extensions > Add-on > Get add-ons

  3. Search for User Info > Click on Individual Install/Domain Install > Click on Continue

  4. Click on Continue > Click on Allow

How to use it ?

Please follow below steps once you have Installed the Add-on.

  1. Re-load the same sheet where you have installed the Add-on

  2. Go to Extension > Add-on > User Info > Download All user

  3. All the users will be downloaded in next few seconds

Note : You can use the same Google Sheet to download users.